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Managing information has long been recognized as the key to the success of your business. Regardless of the business discipline--with the proper information flow—a successful business executive can position his business to seize opportunity as it presents itself. If your business is manufacturing, oversight of static files, database tables, or planning modules define your process. If you have a process oriented business, you require a way to capture, create, manage and deliver information both accurately and on a timely basis.

ConTrak SOX has been developed to function as one of the more powerful tools available in the marketplace, at a price to keep every CFO smiling. What does ConTrak SOX do?

1. ConTrak SOX can operate in two separate modes; it allows creation and     management of data as a stand-alone application or can be operated as     an integrated Web-based Executive Dashboard.
2. ConTrak SOX allows you to scan, test validity, and control all document     information easily, quickly, and efficiently.
3. ConTrak SOX assists in building audit trails with not only a version     control—but also with a rollback and history management function to     support regulatory compliance.
4. ConTrak SOX helps reduce risk.
5. ConTrak SOX defines streamlined workflows, enhancing review, user     accessibility, and approval and eases the publishing of content and     documents.

ConTrak SOX, with its preferred pricing and strong attraction profile, meshes seamlessly with the requirements in place with Sarbanes Oxley legislation, now being implemented in the USA.

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